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Jain Matrimonial Services India & Delhi NCR

The followers of Jainism are modest and never spread overseas. Jains divided into two sects namely Digambars and Shwetambars. Digambars are people shorn of clothes or garments. Shwetambars wear unstitched white cloth. The concentration of Shwetambars is in North Gujarat, South Rajasthan and in Agra – Uttar Pradesh. It prescribes a path of non-injury (ahimsa) towards all living beings. Practitioners believe non-violence and self-control are the means to liberation.

Jain Matrimonial

Their marriage rituals consist of the pre marriage celebrations, marriage celebrations and post marriage celebrations.

  1. The first ritual is the Mudda-Tikka or the engagement. The groom’s family carry various gifts like diamond ring, jewellery and other gifts for the bride and this ceremony is celebrated at bride’s home.
  2. The next ritual is God-Bharai in which the groom’s sisters carry gifts to the bride’s house. The gifts include, sweets, jewellery, clothes and toys. They are placed on the lap of the bride.
  3. Sangeet is the musical get together of the ladies in the family. The bride is dressed in all finery she was   gifted on tikka and made to sit on a silver low stool.
  4. The next is Naandi or the ‘Pre-wedding pooja’ is celebrated atleast 10 days before the marriage and helps the marriage to take place without any hindrance or hassles.
  5. Bhaat is the invitation of the maternal uncle to the bride’s house for a fine feast along with his sister. Here the mama gives his loving niece – the bride gifts for her marriage so that she does not make further claims on her father’s wealth.
  6. Mehndi is an integral part of the celebrations which is a form of getting ready the bride and the groom for the wedding celebrations.

The Main Wedding rituals of the Jain are the Korath, Baraat, Baraat Swagat, Varamala, Kanyadaan, Seer Guthi and Chuda. Groom’s sister has an important role in the wedding celebrations.

Post marriage celebrations include Mooh Dikhai and Vidaai and Vadhu Pravesh. All these celebrations show the importance of the bride in the marriage.